Washington DC

November 30, 2009

Started out with a run down around the Jefferson Memorial this time. Another imposing structure - supposedly inspired by Pantheon in Rome. In the middle of it all is a giant structure of Jefferson. It was early morning and the only other two people there were the ever present security guards. They probably wondered why the hell I did the Rocky thing after running up all the stairs.

Well, at least this morning I had burned some calories before digesting a big omelet with bacon and hash browed potatoes. The weather was all of a sudden raining, so I didn't get out until around 11. I headed up the National Geographic Society - the publishers of guess what magazine... Yes, the National Geographic. By the way... I'm noticing that they sure like to put the word 'National' as part of almost everything in this city. It turned out that all the tickets for the tours today had been sold out, so I just breezed through some spectacular photos from the artic. Some really cool closeups of seals and Narwhals - an odd looking thing with a long spear at the nose.

I walked down to the Ford Theater. The place where Lincoln got shot. It dawned on me how little I actually know about American history. The Lincoln story is pretty faschinating. When I got the tickets, she told me I had time to go see the Petersen House across the street first. I had no idea what significance the Petersen House had and how it relates to Lincoln. It turned out he was taken to that house after he was shot, and that is where he died 9 hours after being shot.

The tour of the Ford Theater itself was pretty interesting. We got seated in the theater and a guy was telling the whole story. The place where Lincoln sat were pointed out, and because there were only a few of us, we could go up there. Cool stuff.

Next up was the 'Spy Museum'. Note, not the National Spy Museum. That was sort of interesting, but not worth the $20 it cost to get in. Ohh well, so far I haven't paid a dime to get into anything. There was one particular item that caught my interest... A so called rectal toolkit. A little cylinder that can hold various tools which can be hidden in the rectum. It looked pretty big, so I'm not sure how comfortable it would've been. It would've been a no-go for me, should I have chosen to become a spy.

On the way back to the hotel, I stumbled upon a Pub, so I had a some dinner and a couple of beers.