Washington DC

November 28, 2009

Started with a run in the early morning. I went down along the National Mall. First up to the Capitol Building and then back to the Washington and then down to the Lincoln Memorial. It was a nice morning with clear blue sky and some spectacular colors with the sun just rising.

I had some breakfast at the Hotel. A nice colesterol based combo consisting of bacon, eggs, omelet, etc... But it tastes sooo good. After breakfast I walked down to the Air and Space museum and spent 3 hours. They have a bunch of unique stuff... Chuck Yeager's X1, the Apollo 11 capsule, The Wright Flyer, The Spirit of St. Louis, etc. Ohh yes, and Patty Wagstaff's Extra 260. Around lunch time I tried to get some stuff at the Cafeteria... It turned out that McDonalds have been contracted to do that. One half of the museum smells like french fries. The lines were enormous, and I didn't feel like waiting that long for a Big Mac, so I ventured down to the Capitol Building.

It's an amazing building, and with a clear blue sky background it's spectacular. I was impressed. It turned out there were tours, so I went on one. We got to go inside the dome thing. They call it the Rotunda. It looks pretty impressive from the inside as well. I learned that one side of the building houses the Senate (North) and the other houses the House of Representatives (South). They had to expand over time as more states joined the Union. After the tour I went to Library of Congress. That's a nice looking building as well, and we could peek inside the reading room, where a few dedicated scholars were reading books. Sort of like looking at animals in a Zoo. They had an exihibition about the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights, aka the Freedom Documents. Pretty interesting stuff.

After seeing that exhibition, I thought, I better see that Declaration of Indepence. I imagined it should be around there somewhere, so I went back to the Capitol Building, where I figured would be a natural place for it. I searched all over the place and finally ended up asking someone. It turned out it was at the National Archives, and they would be closed, by the time I could make it over there. Maybe tomorrow I'll make that one.

I walked up to Union Station and grapped some dinner. It was nice to finally sit down a little, my back wasn't doing too well. After dinner I took the subway back to the hotel. Turned out I popped back up right by the Hotel. How convenient.