Washington DC

November 27, 2009

Got up at 3am to make, so I could make my 6am flight from San Jose, with time to stuff the last items in the suitcase and get some oatmeal. I wasn't particularly hungry, after having had two full plate dinners at Jacquie's place. She had prepared a truly exceptional Thanksgiving dinner. Knud, Maia, and Marie had flown down from Cameron Park, so there was a good crowd.

After getting checked in and through security, which was a breeze, I sat myself down at the Denver gate. I had a stop-over in Denver. I should've paid more attention to the time. When there was 15 min to scheduled departure, and nothing was happening, I started getting a little worried. It turned out I was at the wrong gate. After a mad rush down the terminal, I got to the right one and they were in the process of boarding.

When arriving in DC, I took a shuttle to the hotel. It's a nice Hilton hotel, with complimentary WIFI!!, which I plan on using extensively. The hotel is just around the corner from the White House, so I took a long walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and took some pictures. It was cold! I went up around the Washington monument (the obelisk). It was blowing so hard that it was hard to stand up… Well maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but it was blowing pretty good.

I had some meatloaf at a restaurant around the corner, and went back to the hotel to relax. Now, I'm watching Comedy Central.