Toilets from around the world


Don't ask me why I came up with this stupid idea. I just did. All of a sudden I started taking pictures of toilets that came in handy when I was in need.

It's interesting to see the different styles and colors of both the toilet itself and the seat. Most toilets are white, but there's a few designer colors among the selection featured here. Also, most seats are made from some sort of plastic, but every once in a while you come across a wooden one. Those are really nice. Enjoy these toilets.

Seattle: At the Best Western hotel in Seattle

737-900: Somewhere between Seattle and San Jose at 36000 feet

London: Sherlock Holmes Museum John

London: Pembridge Hotel toilet. I had to back in

London: White Tower. Not in use!

Brussels: John and Rikke s guest John

Brussels: The can at the automobile museum

Brussels: Jaco s Restaurant

Brussels: Jaco s from another angle

Paris: Hotel Moderne Saint Germain

Paris: At Le Pub around the corner from the hotel

Paris: This one is on the first floor 96 meters up in the Eiffel Tower

Paris: This one is on the third floor 300 meters up in the Eiffel Tower

Paris: Tiny thing at a restaurant in the Latin Quarters where I had dinner

Paris: Tiny thing at a restaurant in the Latin Quarters where I had dinner

Paris: This beauty is at the Sacre Coeur - I had to pay 0.41 euros to get this shot

Paris: I took two pics since I had to pay for it

Paris: At the Dali Museum - Espace Montmartre

Brussels: At the Eurostar terminal at Bruxelles Midi

Eurostar: At the Eurostar train between Brussels and London

London: At the London Stanstead Airport where I had to spend the night

Aarhus: At my Aunt and Uncles

Grenaa: At my sisters

Grenaa: Guest toilet at my Mom and Steen

Grenaa: Main stall at my Mom and Steen s

Aarhus: At the airport in Aarhus

Copenhagen: At the airport in Copenhagen

Sydney: At the Kingsford airport

Sydney: Best Western Hotel

Brunswick Heads: Brunswick Motel

Brunswick Heads: Public restroom by the Riverside Cafe

Marlborough: Head in motel