September 5-6, 2010

Playing tourist in Stockholm. I got here yesterday evening after a grueling airplane ordeal. The plane out of SFO was late, so I missed the plane from Chicago to Stockholm, and got booked on a flight that left 7 hours later for Copenhagen and then 3 hours in Copenhagen before the final leg to Stockholm.

I started this morning with a run down around Kungsholm with Stadshuset (see Liza Marklund's novel Nobel's testament).

Turns out Stockholm is full of 7-elevens. They're often only a block apart. They got some pretty good bakery rolls, and cappucino, so that's where I had breakfast.

I walked down to Gamla Stan, and saw the King's castle and the Nobel Museum.

Next I found some locations from Stieg Larrson's 'Girl with the dragon tattoo'. The 7-eleven on Goetangatan where Lisbet buys smokes and pizza, the Il Tempo restaurant where Mikael Blomkvist got shot at, and Fiskargatan 9, where Lisbet had her apartment.

I had been walking quite a bit, and took a boat over to the Vasa Museum. Vasa sunk in 1628 after having sailed 1.5km. That must've been a bummer, considering how much work went into it.

Walked back along Strandvaagen, and stopped by the Royal Library. They wouldn't let me walk in with my jacket on, so I took it off.

When I got back I was pooped and took a nap before dinner. Went down to Rydbergs and got another excellent dinner some ground lamp with feta cheese.

Now, I'm listening to a radio broadcast of the Maria Sharapova/Caroline Wozniacki.