Anna & Maia

Anna & Maia

Ann-Sofie & Maia

Benedicte & Ann-Sofie

Knud on his way to Moscow

Arrived at Novosibirsk

No wonder my back is hurting

Someone had a little too much action in this bed

Knud eating breakfast at Golden Valley hotel

Rooms are small but there

Ready for a days work

Fortunately I now have another room

Zolatoya Dolina Hotel

On the way to the office

Ready for the trek through the forrest

Knud at the visitors office

Coffee machine

Mens room

In front of Intel office

In front of Intel office

Integral lunch place

Sergey and Maxim

Knud and Ilya


Small cokes

Small cokes

Some old techno stuff

Knud at

Pork chops and potatoes

Route to Intel office

A man on a mission

The only person in the office in the morning is the cleaning lady

The cups are too small


Knud giving a presentation

Knud trying Borsch

Chicken soup (dinner)

Some kind of steak


Mathematical Institute

The main road (Prospekt)

The lunch place

Kaal ruller

We need to get to the other side