Natoma Lake Swim

September 26, 2009

The last open water swim of the year was to take place in Lake Natoma, near Folsom. I drove up Friday morning to work from the Intel Folsom office. Knud works there, and there are plenty of available offices in his area, so that's no problem. I stayed with Knud, Maia, and Marie overnight. Knud fired up the grill and made a scruptious Tri-Tip dinner. After breakfast Saturday morning we all took the mini-van to Lake Natoma to get signed in. It was very cool to have a cheering crew along. The water was warm, so no cold water issues this time. We all got to wear pink swim caps... Very manly. There were two races, a 1/2 mile one and a 1 mile one. I was gonna do the 1 mile one. I did the same race last year, and it took me ~38 minutes. This time I finished in ~32 minutes, so good improvement. Probably, because I actually tried to swim in straight lines. There was no poking by the people in kayaks this year.

After the race we went for some lunch at BJ's.

View from the spectator area

A littly muddy

Knud and Marie

Maia takes a dip

A lot of backsides

More backsides

Still more backsides

The 1/2 mile race is about to start

Maia at BJs

Halloween is a month away

Me and Maia checking out the water temp



Trying to suck in my gut

No so successfully

Start of the 1 mile race

Start of the 1 mile race