London - Autumn 2008

October 12, 2008

I arrived here around noon, via San Fransisco and Denver. The flight went smooth with no luggage hickups and a roomy economy plus seat on both legs. After getting through customs and getting my luggage, which was done with in about 20 minutes, I took the Heathrow Express to Paddington station. That's a non-stop 15 minute ride (rather expensive 16 pounds). The hotel (Caring Hotel) is within an easy 10 minute walk from Paddington, and I got checked in there.

After sitting down for about 15 hours, I decided to take a walk to see if I could find the Temple Church (from the DaVinci code). That was a good two hour walk, that went through Hyde Park, past Buckingham Palace, Whitehall, and Strand. I had a tourist map, which only had a rough indication where it might be. After having wandered around for about an hour I gave up. I couldn't find the damn thing. It turned out that it wasn't open anyways.

I walked down Whitehall and got myself a pint of Ale. That felt good. I was pretty pooped after all that walking. The Red Lion Inn had something called a 'Sunday Roast' as their special for dinner. That sounded good to me, so I went upstairs and wolfed it down. The waitress was very sorry that she couldn't provide Yorkshire Pudding with the meal.

I took the Circle Line from Westminster back to Bayswater and am now back at the hotel (listening to Sarkozy saying something about drastic measures and unity).

From Heathrow Express

From Heathrow Express

Art Cafe Special - They serve breakfast all day

Hyde Park - a 1/2 marathon had just finished

Lancaster Gate

Speakers corner

Most were religious preachers

A Cristian and a Muslim going at it

Wellington Arch

It was a gorgeous day. Tons of people in the parks

Nothing of significance, I was just taking a rest on a bench opposite

That's what I had

Looking good