Folsom Lake Open Water Swim

September 27, 2008

This was my first participation in an organized open water swim. The event took place in one of the waterways leading into (or out of) Folsom Lake. I had signed up for the 1 mile swim. There was a 1/2 mile as well, but I figured, since I had no problem swimming one in the pool it would be no problem in open water either. The water temperature was around 70, I think. The pool is around 80, so it was a little colder, but not significantly. The main issue was orientation. The water was very murky, so halfway through when the field had thinned and there was noone to simply follow, I went off course a couple of times. I finished after around 38 minutes, which was considerably slower than I had expected. I had envisioned around 30 minutes, but it turned out open water swimming wasn't exactly like swimming in a pool with clear water and nice lines on the bottom. All and all a fun event, even though driving 300 miles roundtrip for a 38 minute swim, might be a bit much.

Registration Tents

Registration Tents

Finish line

Finish Line

Course went out to the bridge and back

Dog sniffers

Map of route

We all had to wear pink caps

People getting ready